Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2022, Pages 1-244 
N-Terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide as a diagnostic and prognostic marker in patients with heart failure

Pages 11-24

Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Tawfik; Emad Farah Mohammed; Ramadan Ghaleb Mohammed; Wafaa Salah Mohammed

Serum selenium level among critically ill child in Aswan university hospital .

Pages 34-43

Maha Abdelzaher Mohamed; Hanan Mohammed Aly; Asmaa Mohammed Ismail; Mohamed Nageeb Rashed

Imaging of peri-anal sepsis

Pages 58-80

Asmaa Hagagy Madany; Amr Farouk Murad; mansor mohammed kabbash; Ahmed Hamdy

Role of Radiofrequency in Management of Chronic Low Back Pain

Pages 89-96

Waleed Ahmed Qenawy; Khaled Ismail Abd El-Aziz; Radwan Nouby Mahmoud; Ahmed Sayed Abd El-bar; Mohammad F. Elshirbiny

Serum fetuin-A as a perdictive biomarker of chronic kidney disease

Pages 97-111

Abd allah mahmoud; Hala Mahmoud; Atef Abo El-Fadl; Mohammad Ali Kandeel


Pages 112-117

hager ahmed abass; Randa Hussein Abdelhady; Safaa Maher George; Eman salah shaltout

Different modalities of fixation of Acromio-Clavicular joint dislocation: joint stability outcome

Pages 127-134

Waleed Mohamed Mahmoud; Morsy Mohamed Basiony; mohamed adbelmoneim hussein; hesham hamed Elrefae

Outcome of Management of Splenic Injury In Aswan University Hospital

Pages 186-201

Mahmoud Rabeea Ahmed Mohamed; mansor mohammed kabbash; Ibrahem El-Ziat; Khaled Abdeen Talha