Parkinson's disease and thyroid dysfunction: Effects on severity and risk of cognitive impairment Abeer A.Tony1, Emad F Kholef,2 Effat AE.Tony3, Kerollos N Helmy4, Ahmed Shoeb5

Document Type : Systematic review or meta-analysis


1 Assistant Professor of Neurology , Department of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Aswan University, Egypt

2 Assistant Professor of clinical pathology, Department of clinical pathology, Faculty of Medicine , Aswan University , Egypt

3 Professor of Neurology, Department of Internal medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University , Egypt

4 Teaching assistant of Neuropsychiatry faculty of medicine Aswan university

5 Lecturer of Neuropsychiatry, Department of Neuropsychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Aswan University, Egypt


Background: A serious public health issue, Parkinson's disease is a neurological condition. There aren't many researchs that explain the link between Parkinson's disease and thyroid problems. Objective: This study's objective was to assess thyroid function in people with Parkinson's disease and explain how it relates to the degree and likelihood of cognitive impairment. This study's design was cross-sectional. Methods: From June 2021 to July 2022, our University Hospitals recruited 40 Parkinson's disease patients who had been diagnosed consecutively using the UK Parkinson's Disease Society Brain Bank Diagnostic Criteria. A complete neurological examination and detailed history collection were performed on the patients in order to estimate the severity of their Parkinson's disease. Their mental capacity was tested. Antithyroid antibodies and thyroid hormone serum levels were measured. Results: According to our investigation, all thyroid measures were within normal bounds. We
Conclusion: Despite the fact that hypothyroidism was not more prevalent in our patients with Parkinson's disease, we believe that individuals exhibiting deteriorating symptoms that cannot be attributed to disease progression or resistance to medication modification should have their thyroid function checked. Future research is required to determine whether L-thyroxine hormone therapy improves cognitive function in Parkinson's disease patients.


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