Aspiration Versus Open Drainage of Suppurative Cervical and Inguinal Lymph Nodes in Children : A Prospective Comparative Study

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General surgery, Aswan university


Background: Acute localized lymphadenitis in children is usually caused by a bacterial infection. Owing to lymphatic drainage from the pharynx, bacterial cervical lymphadenitis is very common. In contrast, inguinal bacterial lymphadenitis is relatively rare in children, especially infants. Objective: The purpose of This study aimed to differentiate between outcomes of 2 technique of suppurative Cervical and Inguinal lymph nodes in children by aspiration versus open drainage. Patients and methods: This study was performed on 40 patients with cervical and inguinal lymph nodes abscesses who were divided in two groups and subjected to history taking, medical examination, ultrasonography and other related laboratory investigations (compelet blood count ). Results: Needle aspiration might be less painful, less bleeding, less scar formtion and easy . Incision and drainage had a lower recurrence rate. Conclusion: The comparison between outcomes of incision and drainage method and aspiration method for surgical treatment of cervical and inguinal lymph nodes abscess in children showed insignificant different.


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