Role of Multi-slice CT Coronary Angiography and Coronary Arteries Calcium Score in Evaluating Patients with Anginal Pain.

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Radiology department, faculty of medicine Aswan university, Aswan


Background: One of the most prevalent complaints is chest pain; it may be cardiac or not. The most common cause is coronary atherosclerosis.
purpose: Assess the coronary artery disease in angina patients with CT coronary angiography (CTA), a noninvasive technique.
Subjects and methods: This study was conducted on 25 patients with angia chest pain. They underwent CT coronary angiography and Ca score estimation.
Result: Among 25 patients complaining of recent-onset chest pain, 11 patients (44%) had normal CTCA, 8 patients (32%) had non-significant CAD, and 6 patients (24%) had significant CAD. In our study of 28 vessels, the most common affected vessel was the LAD artery, which was affected in 52% (13/28) of affected arteries, compared to the RCA, which was affected in 28% (7/28), the LCx, which was affected in 24% (6/28), and the LM, which was affected in only 8% (2/28) of the affected arteries.
Conclusion: Coronary CT scans can be utilized as a non-invasive technique in the evaluation of patients with unstable angina as they can identify coronary artery disease (CAD), assess the level of blockage, and count the number of affected arteries.


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